airbnb Hua Hin – Vacation Rentals & Short Term Rentals

Sometimes a regular hotel may not suit your travel arrangements, especially if you have a large family, so it’s good to know that there are other options available that may more closely match your needs. Airbnb Hua Hin rental properties can fill that gap and allow you to stay somewhere more unique, cheaper or family friendly.

The selection of properties available to rent on airbnb are truly amazing. While homes and condos may make up the majority of the listings you can find just about any sort of accommodation for rent.

From shipping container’s and tree houses (one of the more popular rentals last year) to castles and private islands there is something for everyone no matter how exotic your taste.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is the latest craze in home rentals. Basically it’s an online portal that allows home owners worldwide to rent out their homes and premises to guests for periods of a few days to a month.

The nice thing about this option is that you can get some great bargains but more importantly you can have the opportunity to rent somewhere unique that would not be available through the normal booking process.

Unlike hotel reservations these are just regular homeowners renting out their properties so the level of service isn’t going to be the same but you may be pleasantly surprised.

Tips for first time Airbnb Guests

If you’ve never used Airbnb before then it can be quite confusing trying to locate your first rental. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Take your time going through the listings in your chosen location. There are numerous filters and options to choose when you’re trying to narrow down your search.
  2. Know exactly what your requirements are before you start searching. Start with the number of people staying, bed and bathroom requirements, specific amenities (such as internet), the type of property required (condo, home, shared accommodation) and location. If you’re a little flexible on these things and the dates that you’re visiting then you can open up more choices and maybe find that gem that you’re looking for.
  3. Check out the reviews about the property and host. Do they appear to be trustworthy? Beware of first time listings without any reviews, you wouldn’t want your first stay to be a bad experience. Airbnb do have their own photographers available to take and certify photographs of the accommodation. These are always watermarked so that you know that they are genuine. As this is an extra service many owners don’t take advantage of it (or maybe they have something to hide). Either way it’s always good to check the images first to see if they are Airbnb certified.
  4. Make contact with the host before making a booking. See how quick they are to respond to your questions and how helpful the information is. If you’re planning on renting an entire property then you can make sure that the host is not going to be staying in the property at the same time. You can always ask how large the beds are, whether they are soft or hard mattresses (I’ve stayed in some properties in Thailand where the mattress feel like a plank of wood it’s so hard).

The Pitfalls of Airbnb – Things to Avoid when looking for airbnb Hua Hin Properties

Check that you have the place to yourself when booking or else you may find yourself sharing with someone elses such as the owner

airbnb hua hin condo by sea

airbnb Hua Hin properties by the sea

If you book a hotel then you expect some sort of quality control with regards to your room. You expect it to be clean with fresh towels, have a comfortable bed and not stink from someone else smoke. If it does then at least there’s a front desk to complain to.

With airbnb you’re going to base your rental choice based on past user reviews. While these should give you a good indication of what to expect in the rental property there have been stories of dirty and unfit accommodation that the guest refused to stay in. In these cases guests are normally given a full refund and the booking cancelled but they are not allowed to leave a negative review because they never actually stayed in the place.

Beware of hidden charges. While guests pay a small service charge when they book a room it’s also possible that the host can add a one-time cleaning fee and a security deposit charge to the overall cost of rent.

Check the cancellation policy. There are different policies with reflect different time periods in which to make cancellations, such as 1 day, 5 days etc.

Don’t assume that internet is included in all rentals. While being able to connect to the internet seems to be a high priority for most people don’t assume that it’s always included with a property. It’s always worth to check before you book and ensure that not only do you have it but that it is fast enough for your needs (shared connections can sometimes be painfully slow).

Air BnB (bed and breakfast) doesn’t necessarily include breakfast as it’s name may suggest.

Finding Airbnb Hua Hin Properties

Over 40 million people across the world have used airbnb during their travels and there are over 300 airbnb rental properties in and around Hua Hin.

airbnb hua hin thailand

airbnb has hundreds of rentals in Hua Hin

There are properties to suit any sort of traveler from a cozy hut for just over 400 baht, perfect for a backpacker who wants their privacy, to the more upscale lakefront villa coming in at over 10,000 baht. The average price is around 3500 baht but there’s a lot of scope around this.

It’s easy to search for rental properties through the airbnb website. The map on the right hand side of the screen shows the location of all the available hosts and their respective prices making it super easy to narrow down your search.

You can filter by price range,  number and type of rooms and dates easily enough and if needed you can use the advanced search filters to narrow things down even further such as room type, neighborhood, amenities and even host language.

Be patient and you may find your dream airbnb Hua Hin accommodation at a price that right.

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