Hua Hin Bike Hire – Rent a Bicycle for the Day

If renting a motorcycle is not your thing then consider a Hua Hin bike hire instead. You can cycle around town at your own pace, stopping off whenever you get the urge.

Cycling in Thailand probably won’t be the same experience that you remember from back home. The sun is very hot most days and you can soon become dehydrated if you’re not careful. The roads and traffic are another thing entirely.

Little respect is shown for cyclists and there are no dedicated cycle paths around Hua Hin. You need to be aware of everything going on around you at all times and be prepared for the unexpected.

That being said, if you pick a time when the roads are a little more quiet, between the rush hour and school runs, then you’ll find the experience more enjoyable.

Better still. Why not opt for one of the organized bike tours instead. Hua Hin Bike Tours arranges cycle trips not only in Hua Hin itself but in the surrounding countryside.

Types of Bikes for Hire in Hua Hin

You’ll find several types of bike for hire in Hua Hin. From mountain bikes for off-road use and town bikes complete with basket for carrying your shopping to urban/hybrid bikes that are a cross between the two.

If you’re thinking of riding along the beach then make sure that it has wide tires and that the tide is out.

Requirements to Hire a Bicycle

A copy of your Passport and a security deposit are required, cash or credit cards are both accepted normally.

You’ll need to provide a few personal details as well such as;

  • your full name
  • your hotel or residence name, address and room number
  • contact phone number in Thailand

If you’re booking a group tour then you may also need to provide your weight and height so that they can set up the bicycle for you.

Hua Hin Bike Hire Costs

Prices are reasonable to rent a bicycle for the day. Depending upon the rental company and the quality of the bike that you’re hiring the price can vary from 50 to 500 baht per day.

or Buy your own Bike

If you’re going to be cycling for any period of time then you may want to invest in your own bike.

There are several bike shops in town such as Hua Hin Cycle Shop (high end bikes) and LA Bicycles but it you want something cheaper then you can head down to Tesco Lotus at Market Village and pick one up for a few thousand baht.

Where can I Hire a Bike from?

There are plenty of places around town that can rent you a bike for the day. Start by trying your own hotel. Many residences can provide their own or at least know somewhere close that can.

Hua Hin motorbike hire shops sometimes stock a selection of bicycles as well.

If you’re looking for a more professional service then try one of the larger bike touring companies such as Velo in Khao Takiab or Hua Hin Bike Tours on Phetkasem Road.

Cycle Routes and Paths around Hua Hin

While cycle paths in Hua Hin are none existent at present there are hopes that we’ll see some appear in the not too distant future. Khao Takiab does have what appears to be a cycle path alongside the road but this just ends up being an opportunity for extra parking space in the area.

There are plans for Thailand to get a new dedicated cycle path, stretching over 180 km, by 2017. This will be the longest cycle path in Asia when it is completed and span five provinces. Unfortunately Hua Hin is not on its route.

With no formal cycle trails in the area you can always try you hand at cycling along the main Hua Hin beach assuming that the sea is out. Stretching from the Grand Centara down to Khao Takiab and Monkey Mountain this can make for a pleasant ride with a nice breeze if the sand is firm enough.

For something a little more formal you should join a Hua Hin bike hire tour and enjoy a guided trip.

Hua Hin Bike rental hire Bicycle

there are several Hua Hin bike rental shops in town

Hua Hin Bike Hire & Tours

Rather than go it alone you may consider joining a group of like minded travelers and opt for an organised bike tour.

Tours can last a whole day, just the evening or if you’re more adventurous then you can try one that span multiple days.

Examples of routes include Hua Hin to Dolphin Bay, local National Parks, Hua Hin Vineyard and Pala-U waterfall.

Both Velo Thailand and Hua Hin Bike Tours are experts when it comes to arranging bike trips.

Cycling in Thailand

Although it is dangerous to cycle on roads in Thailand and you’ll find yourself in the minority, if you follow some simple rules then you should be okay.

Hua Hin roads are becoming increasingly congested. Whether it’s motorbikes whizzing around you or pickups overtaking, most will not give much notice to you.

Always be vigilant and aware of what’s happening around you. Don’t be surprised if someone suddenly walks out in front of you so make sure that your brakes are working well.

It’s quite common to see traffic, especially motorcycles and carts moving against the flow of traffic, even on one way streets. Expect the unexpected and always be vigilant.

Wear a helmet and if you’re planning on cycling at night then make sure that your bikes comes with working lights.

Thailand has one of the worst road safety records in the world and the most at risk on the road are those on two feet or two wheels. Saying that, more and more people are taking to cycling so keep to the left of the road, try to avoid the main roads and expect the unexpected and you should be fine.

Hua Hin bike hire is not for everyone but it’s an experience that many travelers enjoy.

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